Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos

The new Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos was inaugurated in 2009 in Pothia. The exhibits include antiquities from the Prehistoric and Post-Byzantine era. The large number of sculptures in the temple of Delian Apollo as well as the huge statue of Aesculapius will definitely impress you. Among the exhibits you will see bronze and marble sculptures, fine ceramics, coins, jewelry, photographs and manuscripts of the Byzantine era. The most important exhibit of the museum is the "Lady of Kalymnos" a great work of a Hellenistic sculpture depicting a woman with a fringed garment. This statue was found in the nests of a fisherman in the waters of Kalymnos in 1995.

Open hours

  • Tuesday - Sunday, 08:30-15:00


  • Full fare: €3
  • Reduced fare: €2
Pothia, Kalymnos