A couple of Italian climbers who were on the island found a variety of climbing opportunities in the mountains of Kalymnos. The diversity of coasts, cliffs and mild climate make this island an ideal place for climbers. Magazines such as Vertical, Klettern, Climbing and Desnivel, have characterized Kalymnos as one of the most beautiful places "in the world of climbers."

There are about 60 fields with climbing routes which are easily accessible by footpaths. The routes have been named after Greek mythology (Odyssey, Muses etc.). Most climbing routes are between 20 and 30 meters. However, there are routes that go up to 50-60 meters. The majority of the routes is located in the western / northwestern part of the island. Around 100-150 new routes are “mapped” every year by Greek and foreign climbers. Currently the island has over 1300 organized routes and has one of the safest and excellent quality tested climbing fields.